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FingoTalks: Working towards a sustainable global food system

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Saturday 25.5.2019 18:55 – 19:30 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

The documentary "Burkinabè Bounty" shows how West African Burkina Faso and local activists are striving for self-sufficiency in food production.

Director Iara Lee and Sustainable Development Specialist Jussi Kanner of Fingo talk after the film about the challenges posed by climate change and multinational corporations to food production and food security in developing countries like Burkina Faso. The discussion will also look at how people in Finland can participate in building an ecologically and socially sustainable global food system. The discussion is moderated by Communications Specialist Mirka Kartano of Fingo.

The discussion is held in English.

Documentarist Iara Lee at the festival

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