Story Sharing
Jaakko Miettunen

Story Sharing Universum

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Saturday 26 May 2018 11:45 – 20:00
Sunday 27 May 2018 11:45 – 18:00

Story Sharing Universum is a project that brings in people from all around the world to share stories of their everyday lives in a relaxed setting.

The group behind the project includes theatre professionals, storytellers and people who have come to Finland for a variety of reasons. Everyday stories and memories can quickly make us see how similar we all are at the end of the day. The project is made up of two parts: Story Sharing Cafés held around Finland and storytelling workshops held at various events and locations.

The project is supported by Taike and Universum. Story Sharing Universum's tent is an artwork by Tikke Tuura.

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