Suistamon Sähkö
Kim Saarinen

Suistamon Sähkö

    Music & clubs Electronic music Folk Hip Hop / Rap
Sunday 26.5.2019 18:00 – 19:00 Mekong Stage, Railway Square

Suistamon Sähkö draws its inspiration from the Carelia beyond the border, machine-like tones and the challenges of the contemporary world. The Notka-accordion from the Soviet era, Carelian folk music and modern electro-beats flow well in the hands of this four-person ensemble (Eero Grundström, Anne-Mari Kivimäki, Reetta-Kaisa Iles ja Tuomas Juntunen). The music coaxes to dance to the avantgarde “ethno-techno” sounds. 

The newest, well-received album “Etkot, pectopaн ja etnoteknoa” (2018), criticizes the decadence of Carelian villages, violence, hate speech on the internet and the dated understanding of gender. 

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