Kuvituskuva. Hiekkalinna ja valkovuokko.
Katri Saarela

Turning climate anxiety into strength for change

    Discussion Environment
Saturday 25.5.2019 11:35 – 12:05 Taiga Stage, Finnish National Theatre Club Scene

Fighting climate change requires action in both societal structures and individual choices. This discussion, presented by Church in Helsinki, explores ways to turn climate-related feelings of anxiety into a resource for change and how different communities can come together to build a better tomorrow. 

The topic is discussed by:

  • Panu Pihkala, researcher, University of Helsinki
  • Mari Keski-Korsu, artist, freelancer
  • Emmanuel Shangweli, Director, TCRS
  • Surendra Kumar Shrestha, Executive Director, SAHAS
  • Tapo Divyam Dasa, temple President and Leader of ISKCON Finland.

 The discussion is held in English. 

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