Vili Mustalampi
Janne Mikkilä

Vili Mustalampi

    Music & clubs Latin Pop
Saturday 25.5.2019 15:30 – 16:15 Mekong Stage, Railway Square

Vili Mustalampi is one of the top-artists in Finnish latin pop. Known from the Kuukumina-group, Mustalampi recorded songs in Spanish for a long time until he recently changed to Finnish. The debut single “Mä olen sun kokonaan” (2017) plays with tones from Finnish “schlager” pop and Caribbean rhythms and it has become a hit in Latin fiestas and dance floors. 

Mustalampi is accompanied by some of the absolute masters of the genre: Aarne Riikonen (known from the group Tuure Kilpeläinen & Kaihon Karavaani), Janne Halonen (Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble) and Arja Paju. The producer of this motley crew, Hermanni Peltola, has worked with JVG, Isac Elliot, Nopsajalka and Raappana. 

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