Warm Waters
Vlad Sokhin

Warm Waters: The Effects of Climate Change on the Pacific Region communities

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Saturday 25.5.2019 11:00 – 20:00 Market of Possibilities, exhibition
Sunday 26.5.2019 11:00 – 18:00 Market of Possibilities, exhibition

Climate change threatens the existence of the Pacific islands. The rising sea level, coastal erosion and tropical storms show already that the future of these states lies below the surface. 

The photo exhibition of a Russian-Portuguese documentary photographer, Vlad Sokhin, shows the ramifications of human-made climate change all over the world. The Warm Waters exhibition that focuses of the Pacific area is a part of a continuous project where Sokhin shows the effects of climate change on both low coast island states and the most developed economic superstates. 

Sokhin’s work focuses on societal themes and he has previously cooperated with the UN. Moreover, his works have been published in numerous respected publications such as the Guardian and the BBC. 

Video: Panos Pictures.

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