Warmer days

Warmer days – Myanmar in the Age of Climate Change

Saturday 25.5.2019 12:00 – 12:25 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

Mudslides destroy homes and powerful cyclones tear children from their mothers’ arms. People are tormented by droughts and heat, the awaited rainy season nowhere to be seen. And when the rains do start, they are so strong that crops are wiped out. 

Warmer Days depicts the struggle for survival that is everyday life for people in Myanmar, a country torn by climate change. Could answers to the problems caused by extreme weather events be found in sustainable construction, new types of crops, mangrove forests or expanding education for women? 

At 12.25: Discussion: Warmer Days – Climate change struggle in Myanmar (FIN/​MMR).

2017 / Myanmar 
Director: Khin Myanmar 
Language: Burmese 
Subtitles: English 
No age limit 
Length: 18 min 

The film is produced by Yangon Film School, with the support of the EU-funded Myanmar Climate Change Alliance programme, an initiative of Myanmar’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, UN-Habitat and UN Environment.

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