Woman at War

Woman at War

Saturday 25.5.2019 15:45 – 17:30 Village Cinema, On the Rocks

Halla, 50, leads a choir in Reykjavik. She is extremely attached to Iceland and its natural beauty, and is deeply concerned about global warming and environmental disasters. She is particularly horrified at plans to expand an aluminium plant. She sabotages a high-voltage power line in an attempt to bring the plant to a standstill and raise public awareness of the issue. Her clandestine activities are interrupted, however, by a piece of unexpected news. Having been on a waiting list for adoption for several years, she is told that a little girl is waiting for her in Ukraine.  

Woman at war is a green fairy tale which raises questions about individual action to address climate change. Can an individual make an impact in the face of the failure of the powers-that-be? 

In 2018 the movie won the European Parliament yearly awarded LUX Prize  and the Nordic Council Film Prize.

At 17.30 Interview with Woman at War actor Juan Camilo Roman Estrada (COL/​ISL).

2018 / Iceland / France / Ukraine 
Director: Benedikt Erlingsson 
Languages: Icelandic (English, Spanish) 
Subtitles: English 
Age recommendation: 16 
Length: 1h 41min 
Original title: Kona fer i strið 

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