Registration for exhibitors

World Village Festival will be organised 25-26 May 2019 in Helsinki Kaisaniemi Park and on Railway Square. Registration as an exhibitor or food seller is done through the following form. More information about the types of exhibitor stands can be found from our website and from our price list. Before registering, please read the Terms and Conditions for exhibitors.

Contract status
(does not include food vendors, bazaar stands or standard stands)
Type of Exhibitor
Please fill in your stand code below.
Please provide the official name of your organisation in one language as it is written in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s trade or associations register, for example “Kepa ry” or “Street food oy”.
Please provide the name you want to be used in the festival’s exhibitors’ list, for example the name of your organisation or campaign, or the name of your food or bazaar stand. The name should be written without the organisation type abbreviations (ry, tmi, oy). Don’t write your own name and make sure the name is spelled correctly!
If your organisation does not have a business identity code (y-tunnus), leave this section empty. If you want to operate as a staff food vendor, it is mandatory to provide us with your organisation’s business identity code.
Please provide the link to your organisation’s webpage e.g. It will be mentioned on the exhibitor’s list on the festival’s website. If you do not have a website, you can provide us with a Facebook page or other online information.
Please provide the address to which you would like to receive information concerning your participation. Please inform the festival if the address changes.

We always send printed and digital materials in both Finnish and English.
Please provide the contact details of the primary contact person for this application.

We send information primarily via email. Please give an address you use frequently and the phone number in the form +358 40 902 2270.
Fill in if the invoicing address is different from the postal address.
Enter the electronic invoicing address and the operator code in their aggregate form. If the address or code is inadequate, a paper invoice will be sent to the postal address.
Stand size
Isoja paikkoja on rajallinen määrä, ja ne myydään varausjärjestyksessä alkaen 1.11. – ole siis nopea!

Varaukset vahvistetaan kahdessa viikossa. Perus- ja ruokamyyntipaikoille otetaan hakemuksia vastaan 3.12.2018–17.2.2019. Peruspaikkoihin kuuluvat Mahdollisuuksien tori -teltan pienempien paikkojen lisäksi basaari- ja ruokamyyntipaikat, sekä maksimissaan 4 x 4 metrin paikat omalle teltalle Kaisaniemen puistossa. Suuren kysynnän vuoksi kaikki eivät valitettavasti mahdu aina mukaan. Valinnoista ilmoitetaan hakijoille maaliskuun aikana.

Kaisaniemen puistossa sijaitsevan Mahdollisuuksien tori -teltan peruspaikat ovat kooltaan 2 x 2 metriä tai 2 x 4 metriä. Paikkoja omalle teltalle on tarjolla Kaisaniemen puistossa. Telttapaikan koko on 3 x 3 metriä tai 4 x 4 metriä (näytteilleasettaja vastaa itse teltan hankinnasta).

Ruokapaikkaa voi hakea Kaisaniemen puistosta tai Rautatientorilta. Ruokapaikan koko on 4 x 4 metriä (ruokamyyjä vastaa itse teltan hankinnasta). Tarjolla on myös ruokarekkapaikkoja.
Length and width of the vehicle in meters. Length max. 7 m, width max. 4 m.
Select a maximum of 3 choices. Selected options will be mentioned on the exhibitors’ list on the festival’s website.
Choose one theme. It will influence the location of your stand on the festival area.
Types of items sold
Select a maximum of three categories. These choices will be mentioned on the exhibitors’ list on the festival’s website.
Describe shortly what you are selling at your stand.
Please note: the Helsinki City Rescue Department’s guidelines only allow small gas bottles (max. 6 kg). A maximum of 5 gas appliances is allowed per each food stall.
Briefly describe, as precisely as possible, the food you will be selling. You do not have to write down a specific menu, but provide the customers a good idea of what type of food is available at your stand. If possible, also write a Finnish translation of the food description. The food descriptions will be published on the festival’s website food vendor list and the descriptions may be used in the festival’s communications.
Other information about your food
If you want to serve staff food at the festival, please enter your organisation’s business identity code at the beginning of the registration form. We provide a hot meal to festival’s staff and performers only at the food stalls selected by the festival. Food is served in exchange for staff food vouchers (value 8€). Registering does not automatically make you a staff food vendor. All applicants will be contacted latest one month prior to the event. Selected vendors need to deliver the collected vouchers as well as the corresponding invoice to Kepa after the event.
Regular chairs and tables are included in the price.
Size: about 200x70cm
The signboard price includes the production of the board according to the visual image of the exhibitor, the rent of the rack and the installation and dismantling of the board. The exhibitor is to deliver print-ready material to the festival. The exhibitor can have the signboard for future use after the festival (rack not included).
When you reserve an advertisement space while registering as an exhibitor, you will receive a 40% discount for the advertisement space.
The festival magazine will be published in the beginning of May 2018. It is A4-format and has a print run of 20 000 copies. Detailed information about the material requirements will be sent at the beginning of February. Prices apply only to print-ready materials.
The 16:9 formated screens are located next to the main stage in Kaisaniemi Park and on Railway Square. The footage will be played without sound. Prices apply only to display-ready materials. Detailed information about the material requirements will be sent at the beginning of February 2018.
Electricity options have been divided into categories to make ordering easy. Please select the category corresponding to your needs.
Only three-phase current is available for food vendors.
Estimate your need of electricity in watts (W). One kilowatt is 1000 watts. The amount of watts a machine needs to operate is usually printed behind the machine. For example, an electric hot water kettle can require over 2000 watts. Kepa reserves a right to charge for extra electricity afterwards.
Describe what kind of electric equipment you will be using at your stand.
Write down your special wishes, needs or questions regarding your application or registration.

Price calculator

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