Uskontojen kylä 2018
Helmi Saarela

Village of Religions

The Village of Religions is a meeting place for people and faiths. Its programme is composed of small-scale discussions and workshops, prayers and holy texts of different faiths as well as a variety of arts. The village is hosted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Helsinki in collaboration with numerous religious communities. 

Featuring Church in Helsinki, National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE Forum), Colourful Espoo, Finnish Buddhist Union, the Children’s and Youth Work section of the Finnish Ecumenical Council, the Hare Krishna movement, Finnish Bahá'í Community and the Helsinki Orthodox Parish. 

B163, Market of Possibilities 

Helsingin seurakuntayhtymä

Suomen Ekumeeninen Neuvosto / Lapsi- ja nuorisotyön jaosto

Colourful Espoo

Suomen Bahá'í-yhteisö

Helsingin ortodoksinen seurakunta


Suomen Buddhalainen Unioni

Hare Krishna -liike

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