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Volunteers are a crucial part of World Village Festival – without their efforts, there would be no festival. We offer a variety of duties for those interested in helping out before, during and after the festival.

As a festival volunteer, you will get a peek behind the scenes, gain practical experience in event production, build networks with like-minded people and help create a positive festival atmosphere.

Signing up as a volunteer

Volunteer registration for the 2019 festival will begin on 1 March and end on 5 May on this page. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Volunteer benefits

At World Village Festival, we want to take good care of our volunteers.

The festival provides volunteers with a meal on every working day. During the festival, volunteers have use of a break room to rest, eat lunch and catch up with other volunteers. All volunteers are also given a festival t-shirt and if requested a certificate for their volunteer work.

In June, volunteers are invited to celebrate a job well done at a festival closing party.

Volunteer duties

Volunteers are needed for a variety of duties before, during and after the festival. You may take your pick from available duties or just sign up and be assigned to a duty.

Every volunteer participates on at least two days for roughly 8–10 hours per day.

Volunteer duties include

  • Mailing and other office duties (before the festival)
  • Distribution of the festival magazine around the city (before the festival)
  • Distribution of the festival magazine and brochures at the festival
  • Driving cars
  • Working at an information desk
  • Giving recycling advice to visitors
  • Working as a stagehand
  • Helping exhibitors locate their stands
  • Cleaning
  • Decoration
  • Visitor guidance
  • Various tasks in construction and dismantling (before and after the festival)
  • Catering